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Learn to Skate Program

03/11/2012, 10:31am CDT
By EaglesNestArena

Spring Session is Starting March 23rd: Join Anytime!

How do I learn to skate?

Learning to skate is actually quite easy and fun. It requires a little determination, a lot of practice and no fear of falling down! Before you know it, you will be gliding around -- forward and backwards -- able to show off to your family and friends what you can do on the ice. Whether your goal is to learn to go backwards, land a Salchow, spin really fast, improve your hockey skating skills, or even a triple Axel, we've got just the place for you to start! Remember, every champion had to begin with a few easy lessons...just like you.

The objectives of the program are:
· To provide a fun & safe skating experience for the beginner and the more advanced skater        
· To teach correct technique of the basic elements of skating
· To develop a finer degree of coordination and balance
· To promote physical fitness
· To have fun!
· Bike Helmet– Required for hockey, but strongly recommended for tots and snowplow levels.
· Gloves
· Jacket/Sweatshirt
· Warm clothing, sweatpants, wind pants (no jeans).
Health benefits of ice skating:
Everyone from toddlers to seniors can enjoy the health benefits of ice skating. Ice skating helps build endurance, strengthen muscles, and increase flexibility.
Calories burned during recreational ice skating is about 250-810 per hour, and competitive skating can be up to 450-1,080 per hour. 
Class size- We keep our class size small with no more then 8 kids per teacher, so each child has the optimum opportunity to learn.  Beginning level classes such as Tots and Snowplow Sam are even smaller with no more then 4-5 kids per teacher.
Cost, the more the merrier (and cheaper too)-  I believe we have some of the most competitive pricing around.
Cost: $90 per session/per skater
Discount for Multiple Family Members
$75 for 2nd family member
$65 for 3rd  family member
Trial Class: $15–Try a class and see if you like it. Where else can you try a class before you actually sign up for lessons? Trial classes are available the first day of a session only. You must register for a trial class. If you have fun sign up for the rest of the session.

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